Before COVID hit the United States in 2020…

  • I was a software engineer at an Indianapolis-based SaaS start-up in the human resources sector.
  • I was a soccer coach.
  • I had spoken at 22 different PASS-affiliated events over the previous four years.
  • I was a Program Manager for PASS.
  • PASS existed.

And now…

  • I’m still a software engineer, but for a different start-up, one that deals with AI in the defense industry. It’s based out of Austin.
  • After fourteen years, I’ve put coaching on an indefinite hiatus.
  • I haven’t spoken at any event.
  • PASS, as it was, is no more.

But PASS is back! SQL Saturdays are coming back! Redgate seems to be doing an admirable job of picking up the pieces, and carrying the torch forward. And, thanks to them, the Summit is back next week! And I’m speaking at it!

It’s a session entitled “Unit Testing T-SQL“. Arguably, I take a bit of a wandering path through DevOps to get there, but – in the end – I do indeed bring the discussion around to a way to perform unit testing in Transact-SQL.

What happens after this? I honestly don’t know. One reason I put aside coaching was to focus on my work more. I want to take that part of my brain that is focused on teaching and supporting others and move it in from the soccer field. So now it’s time to figure out what to do with it.

Also, one of these days, I finally need to actually go to Austin. Everyone tells me it’s nice there.

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